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Our Charity - Kibet4Kids Foundation

Helping impoverished children in Kenya find happiness & success

We started Kibet4Kids foundation after the 2012 Olympics. Our mission is to ensure that all children have access to high quality, free, public services, such as education and healthcare. We do this by:

  • Building public primary schools in areas with lack of schools, so that more children are able to receive primary education.

  • Building extra classrooms for existing schools, reducing the number of pupils per classroom

  • Improving facilities in existing schools, such as delivering desks, computers and other stationary, renovating classrooms, building a library, building better latrines and employing extra teachers. The goal is to create a pleasant, stimulating and conducive learning environment, so that pupils from all backgrounds are provided with the opportunity to succeed.

  • Sponsoring students who show dedication and prowess in their primary school studies but are not able to pay for high-school education fees.

  • Improving existing public medical facilities in rural areas, so that more people will be able to use specialized health care and more children can be treated for mild disorders, such as diarrhoea.

Unique about Kibet4Kids is that we have no overhead costs, apart from unavoidable bank charges. This means that more than 99% of the money donated is used directly on the ground. Between 2013 and 2020 Kibet4Kids has been able to spend more than 170,000 Euros on improving the lives of impoverished Kenyan children. Find out more about our charity, the children we help, and how you can donate or get involved, by heading to our dedicated Kibet4Kids Charity Website.​

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