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Kenya Camp
A Running Camp In The Home of Champions

Are you looking for an amazing experience in the Home of Champions? Being able to train daily on the Kenyan roads, guided by professional coaches and paced by Kenyan runners? Getting a world class training experience, in combination with an entire itinerary consisting of educative seminars, inspiring meetings, and lots of fun activities?

For who?

Our camps are for runners of all levels, and from all over the world. The main requirement is being able to run at least three times a week.


Why choose us?

Kenya Camp gives you the chance to have an absolutely unique experience in the home of champions, combining coached training sessions, inspiring meetings, fun activities and educative seminars.

Kenya Camp is being led by professionals. Coaches Hugo, Sylvia and Augustus together have more than 75 years of experience in the world of running. Interacting with them and learning from them for two weeks will help bring your running career to a higher level.

Among the three of them, our coaches have lots of close contacts in the world of Kenyan elite runners, which makes it easier for us to arrange meetings with some of the worlds’ best runners.  

During your runs you will be guided by pacers who are local Kenyan athletes. They will provide you safety, help you with your workout and show you different routes.

Your stay includes accommodation and full-board at the Hub (in some cases the Lodge).

What do we do?


As a guest of Kenya Camp, you are fully taken care of. This starts already before arrival: coach Hugo will contact you to discuss your training experience, goals and needs, in order to maximize the benefit from your two weeks stay in Kenya.


There will be several running related seminars, packed with information that will help bring your running to the next level. Whether it comes to training rules, how to get a winning mindset, or nutrition, there is nothing running related that our coaches can’t answer. Our coaches are always available to answer your questions and to guide you in your running journey. Personal attention is key for us.


We finish our camp with a farewell lunch at the Kerio View restaurant, with beautiful views over the Great Rift Valley, before being taken back to the airport by our drivers.


On your day of arrival, you are picked up (from Eldoret airport) by one of our drivers and taken to your accommodation in Iten. For the next two weeks, all the transport, accommodation and food will be included in your stay. This also includes several restaurant lunches.

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You will meet every morning for training, with our team of professional coaches and pacers. There will be easy runs, trail runs, longruns, and several types of workouts, as well as strength sessions. All sessions are done on the same venues as where the Kenyan elites are training; the local track, the forest, the dirt roads and the famous Moi Ben road. There is the option to have a second training session on most days.


Each camp has an exciting itinerary with activities such as Q and A sessions with (elite) runners, a visit to a traditional Kalenjin house, a wildlife safari, or a visit to a the world famous St. Patrick’s high school and museum, to name a few.

Event Packages

Kenya Camp

03 - 16 JUNE 2024


Kenya Camp

01 - 14 DECEMBER 2024


Additional Camps 

10 - 19 March 2024

March Physio Running Camp,  in cooperation with

6 - 15 AUG 2024

Special Kenya Camp for Runners from HongKong and Taiwan


Meet The Coaches


Hugo van den Broek

Hugo is a former elite marathon runner, with a personal best of 2h12.


Sylvia Kibet

Sylvia is an Olympic medalist (2008, bronze medal in the 5000m)


Augustus Kiprono

Augustus has been training and living with Kenyan elite runners since 2007

What Our Runners Say

from Neatherlands

Kenya Camp was an amazing experience

from India

I'm going home with a lot of memories, to last for a lifetime

from Iran

This training camp has everything for me

Impression of Previous Camps


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